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People keep spending money on me. It’s like the stupidest reason in the world to be upset. But I really don’t like it because then I feel all spoilt and it’s not nice and the fact I’m even complaining about it sounds spoilt and idk. It’s just I can’t pay anyone back because I can’t find a job and I don’t like not having money of my own so I can feel a bit independent. Idk. I just have issues today. But it’s like I know my parents have better things to spend their money on than me so I want them to stop spending it on me and start spending it on what it actually needs spending on like vet bills and redecorating their bedroom and train tickets to London for when they come see my show. I get really weird over money, idk. My mum hasn’t been at work for the last week and only told me the other day it’s because the stress made her have a breakdown and she’s changing careers because she can’t take it much longer so she’s not going to earn as much money, yet they’re still just spending it on me like it’s no big deal and I don’t think it really is that big a deal, but I’m just uncomfortable and kind of guilty relying on their money so much.
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  1. thetruesmellycat said: I bet this is the kind of dilemmas saints and angels worry about. Esme, honey, just tell them!
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